Pickup & Dropoff:
Mon – Sat: 9am – 12pm OR 3pm – 5pm
***Sundays: 9am OR 5pm ONLY***
Boarding: (209) 418-8337

Exceptions may be made at our discretion ONLY PRIOR to pick up or drop off, OR in the event of an emergency. The office is closed between 12pm and 3pm. 

Pine Grove Veterinary Clinic has a state-of-the art boarding facility. Dogs and cats are housed in separate areas to minimize natural tension. The dog boarding facility consists of four, large, 4X6-ft runs, and eight 3X6-ft runs in a temperature-controlled room with many windows for natural light. Each run is separated from its neighbor by a stainless steel panel to prevent cross-fence skirmishing. Depending on availability, each run can be opened to it’s adjoining run to double its size, and dogs from same family may share two runs at the request of the owner. Smaller dogs can be put in the smaller (28X45 in) boarding housing, where they feel more secure.

All dogs are provided with a soft blanket or bed, sized according to their need, which is laundered every day. All housing is rinsed and sanitized once daily or immediately after any elimination accidents occur. Elimination accidents are minimized by the provision of off-leash exercise periods at least three times daily. Dogs are taken for a walk and play outside in our big, shaded, completely fenced yard. Each dog is taken out individually by a boarding attendant, unless two or more dogs come from the same family and the owner requests for them to have outside time together. During walks, all dogs get plenty of loving interaction with our boarding staff. Normally, dogs are given time to sniff around in the yard and explore off leash.

(209) 418-8337

Besides food, water and a litter box, each cat is provided with a soft pillow, and a cardboard box for hiding, climbing, and scratching. We provide quality wet and dry food for our furry guests. However, if their family wants them to stay on the diet brought from home, we will gladly follow the feeding instructions and keep their food refrigerated if necessary.

We monitor our furry guests mood, appetite, and elimination very closely. Written records are kept daily, and can be provided to the owner at the pickup time. If staff notice something abnormal, or have a concern, they report the problem to the clinic veterinarian.

At the owner’s request, we can medicate boarding animals. We offer a variety of other services while your furry family member is staying with us. Call us to find out more!